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About us

"We established the Vaskakas Brewing with the aim of surprising beer lovers with new flavors and experiences. Our mission is to promote the gastronomic culture of craft brewing. Vaskakas Brewing is the result of our passion and enthusiasm for brewing. We give our beers unique character and individuality, keeping in mind the goal of crossing the boundaries of the usual.

Here at the Vaskakas Brewing, we always strive to give our consumers not only a product, but also a sense of life and a positive attitude, which we can best express in beer, because that's what we're good at. With this in mind, we brew and name our beers. Each of our beers has a distinct personality, which is also reflected in our unique labels. We hope that with our beers and the associated atmosphere, we can affect all your senses and convey our message that life is exciting and full of surprises."

Norbert Vida

Master brewer, owner