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HOP HARVEST IPA 2018 0.33 bottles (Alc. 7.1%)

HOP HARVEST IPA 2018 0.33 bottles (Alc. 7.1%)
HOP HARVEST IPA 2018 0.33 bottles (Alc. 7.1%)

Limited edition with fresh hops

Only 425 bottles of this year's fresh hops. This small number of bottles was supplied with an honest and frustrated packaging, and the appearance of the numbered label praises the work of the Vaskakas printing house. :) Our brewing master is hauntingly reminiscent of the design of the homemade brewer: at that time, he had the 20 l home decoction with similarly simple labels ...

Who will own a bottle 1 or 425? Are the round numbers worth treasure too? One thing is for sure, you can only get these bottles in three places: here in the webshop, in Győr, Lima Pub & Hostel and Győrúj Friendly ...

To increase the excitement around the beer, we tell you that set starts from 425 and here the current set is always visible here in the webshop ...

What makes us special?
Our brewer Norbert Vida visited the endless hops of Jászapáti this year, where he knocked on the hops from the sky with his two little hands to this beer. :)

With the harvested hops, our Norbert was back in Győrújbarát with a wound-lob, stood a malt, mixed to get the hops get into this beer as fresized.

The end result However, it has been completed today: a 7.1%IPA with a balanced, biscuit ticket with a nice bitter and the characteristic features of fresh hops, almost endlessly ...

Original Extract
B 17.1 °
Alcohol Content
7.1 %
Available for order
0,33 l
Article No.
560 g/db
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